Warth sapiensIO specializes in the analysis of data from science, enterprises and markets. The insights are used to optimize operations and to spark new ventures.

  • Contract based management of projects, operations, and strategies. Elaboration of science and business ventures.
  • Collection and analysis of data with a focus on healthcare, trading and private equity.
  • Building relationships to stakeholders in industry, public sector, and academia.

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eHealth and drug development

Healthcare and drug development companies collect data about patients and their therapies. In addition, the payer of healthcare services must monitor and collect data about the services provided. All this data will be used and further integrated by eHealth initiatives world-wide. The analysis of this data helps to provide cost-efficient and safe medicine for all of us while respecting patients privacy.

Private Equity

Successful private equity investments are based on full transparency and careful evaluation of the available data about the market, in which the enterprise is operating in. Financial data and market data from different sources are the basis for a successful investment.

Agriculture, forestry and solar energy

In agriculture and forestry data is used to optimize the growth and yields of plantations. Solar energy is similar to agriculture since it depends on light and requires large surfaces. After harvest the crops, wood or electricity they are traded as commodities. Trading companies need data to predict demand and find prices. The producer need data to allocate resources and make investments.