Keras Tensorflow Tools


Tensorflow is sponcered by GOOGLE, which means enormous resources are put into the project. I visited the Tensorflow website again and noticed a couple of additions to the documentation. Hier an overview of the topics.

  • Eager
  • Keras
  • -> workshops
  • -> Colab is build on top of Iupyter and runs on the google Cloud. A nice playground to experiment with tensorflow.
  • Video: 00:00:00  Intro to Colab and a simple ML program ; 00:22:30 Intro to, which allows me to „run eagerly“ ; 00:26:00 Intro to running „eagerly“, which allows python like debugging ; 00:37:00 Learning resources (see below).
  • -> Google’s machine learning course in 15h.
  • -> Book from Francois Chollet, who is one of the KERAS creator.
  • -> Google’s AI educational resources.